What is Noot Money?

Noot Money is a collection of guessing games, each with custom rules around guessing, pricing, and prize distribution.

One thing all games have in common is that, the moment your guesses are accepted, the fees are immediately distributed according to the rules of the game. This means rewards are instant, and every play enriches Solana ecosystem participants.

Is Noot Money gambling?

Nope! Noot Money is a collection of guessing games, and these games are not classified as gambling for a number of reasons:

  1. No Wagers: Noot Money does not accept wagers. Users are not betting against the house, they are paying fees to play a game. These fees are distributed immediately to others according to the rules of the game.

  2. No Stakes: Noot Money does not accept stakes. Users are not betting on an outcome, and there is no multiplier applied to payments. Users are paying to play a game with no guarantees regarding future payouts.

  3. No Guarantees Regarding Payouts: Noot Money does not guarantee a that winning results in profit. Even after winning a game, it is technically possible to never receive a payout (if the game is never played again).

Likewise, NOT winning does not guarantee no payout; playing a game enters your wallet into the pool of recent players for potential distribution. It is possible to make more money from random distributions after losing a game than you spent playing it.

  1. Strategy over Chance: Game answers are determined randomly, and do not change until discovery. This means that players can work together to discover the answer, and they can work together to trick others into submitting incorrect guesses. This element of group coordination and strategy is beyond the scope of traditional gambling determined by one-time events.

  2. No Money Held in Escrow: Noot Money does not hold any money in escrow. All gameplay fees are redistributed immediately and programmatically; there is no treasury from which funds can be distributed as result of outcomes.

Earn without winning?

That's right: you can earn without winning! Every game has its own distribution rules, and most include rewards for one or more random players from the last 24 hours.

If you submit a guess, you could be selected later in the day to be the recipient of another submission, regardless of whether or not you've guessed the correct answer. Depending on game traffic and how you fare against the RNG, you could easily make more from random distributions than you spent to play -- all without winning!

How do I play?

Playing Noot Money is fun and easy!

  1. Connect your Solana wallet.

  2. Visit the Games page and select a game to play. Each game has distinct rules around:

  • Guessing: The guess space for each game is different. Some games ask for a two digit number, some ask for a two-letter combination. The guess space for each game informs your probability

  • Pricing: Every game has its own price per guess. These prices could be in SOL or in an SPL Token.

  • Distribution: Every game has its own distribution rules. Check out the pie chart to understand where your fees are going when you guess!

  1. Enter you guesses. You can enter as many guesses as you'd like before submitting them all in a single transaction.

  2. [Optional] Deploy $PESKY. Users with $PESKY in their wallet may elect to substitute up to half of their guess fees with $PESKY.

  3. Submit your guesses. You'll be prompted to sign a transaction with your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, you'll be notified whether one of your guesses was the winning guess!

How do I win?

If one of the guesses you submit matches the current answer, you become the King! Becoming the King entitles you to a percentage of all transactions for the game until the next answer is discovered.

Additionally, there are Prize Squares hidden in some game boards! Discovering a prize square entitles you to the prize hidden on it.

Finally, keep in mind that not discovering the winning or prize squares does not mean "no prizes;" all players are qualified to receive random distributions for a 24 hour period after playing!

How often do answers change?

Game answers change the moment they are discovered.

Everybody is trying to uncover the same answer at the same time. This creates interesting opportunities for collaboration and subterfuge; you can work with your friends to uncover answers, or you can try to trick others into guessing the wrong answer (and distribute more money in the process).

The time it takes an answer to be discovered depends on the challenge, traffic, and players' luck. Some games have a very small guess space, so answers may be discovered quickly. Other games have a very large guess space, so (statistically speaking) more guesses are required to discover it.

The speed at which answers are discovered ultimately depends on how many people are playing, how many guesses they're submitting, and how lucky they are with their guesses.

How is a "Random Player" different from a "Random Weighted Player?"

When a Random Player is selected, every person who has played in the last 24 hours has an equal chance of being selected. (For reference, this happens at the database level using postgres' random() function).

When a Random Weighted Player is selected, the system takes into account every guess submitted by players in the last 24 hours. Every guess you submit is another opportunity to be selected when another user submits their transaction.

Who is the "Biggest Degen"?

The "Biggest Degen" is the player who has submitted the most guesses for a game in the past 24 hours. In many games, this carries with it a guaranteed payout for every single play.

Bear in mind that the Biggest Degen may not necessarily be the person who has spent the most money; $PESKY-based discounts for games can provide a significant advantage here for whales who have had thier Pesky Penguins staked for a long time.

My transaction cost less than the amount I was quoted. What gives?

The amount quoted to you is the full amount being transacted, however, it is possible that one of the beneficiaries of the transaction was you!

If you are the Biggest Degen, for example, you will receive a discount on every transaction you submit, because a percentage of all transactions (for most games) go to the Biggest Degen. The same holds true if you are the King: most of the funds you submit will be returned to you in the same transaction!

Keep in mind that it is NOT possible for you to be selected as a RANDOM beneficiary of your own transaction unless you are the only person to have played the game within the lookback period (typically 24h).

How do I get $PESKY?

You can earn $PESKY by staking your Pesky Penguins over in Nootopia.

What if two people submit the winning guess at the same time?

Great question! The winning guess is determined by the first transaction to be accepted by the Solana blockchain (as determined by the RPC node currently corresponding with our server). This has many complicating factors, such as network latency, blockchain congestion, etc.

The good news is that, even if you would have submitted the winning guess but lost to someone else on latency, all of your guesses are checked against the NEW challenge. You may still have submitted a winning guess!

I'm a community/DAO leader; how do we get our own game?

Good News! We are currently seeking applications from DAOs that have a strong community they can leverage to demonstrate mutual success.

If you are interested in applying, please reach out to us on Discord.